Harriet and the hobo

Harriet goes to New York and finds herself a little lost. She meets the hobo, but is he what she thinks? Harriet has a preconceived idea of what he is, but she soon learns that even in the oddest of places, you never know who you may meet. Video:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68ULVx5yoqU Credits:- Bye bye love dress [...]

Shhhh don’t tell anyone

So today I have time on my hands. I took a leave day to catch up with myself. Well actually to take a break. Go figure as tomorrow is the weekend. The thing is I am babysitting all day tomorrow and then Sunday have guests. So that me time I like to enjoy may not [...]

In my next life

Some days I think to myself if I could come back as something else in my next life, what would it be?To be honest, I'm still not sure.I had thought about as a cat, because apparently they have 9 lives. The problem with that is I wouldn't be able to eat chocolate.Then of course a [...]

A little bit of sunshine

Its absolutely ramming it down outside with rain right now. I had planned getting up early which I did at 7am and then going for a walk around the lake. I think not. I also planned on buying myself a gorgeous bunch of flowers just to get into that spring feeling. Again, I think not. [...]


Yeah I'm not so sophisticated. But I've always wanted to just try it out just once. When I was younger my friends and I used to play this game when we went out and someone tried to chat us up. We would pretend we were doctors or lawyers etc and go into I guess a [...]

Good morning sunshines

Well I've had quite a sleep last night. Apart from 3am night terrors with the little man on his sleepover we had an excellent lay in.  8.20 am is definitely an improvement since he last slept over. Last time was 6.30 am!!! Paw Patrol is on Netflix while he has his toast and yoghurt, then [...]

Fly with me

Well that should really read come bus with me, as in reality I'm on my daily bus ride to work. Guess what? Go on, guess. The weather forecasters are predicting we may get some snow at the end of this week. Now if you could see me now you would note my Cheshire Cat grin [...]