Post xmas blues

Post xmas blues

Well I really didn’t have Christmas as such.

I was home on the sofa feeling sorry for myself and missed out on two meals with family.

I’m hoping that this past week is just an end to a year of misfortune and next week a brighter year lays ahead.

Frankly despite popular opinion, I’m not as strong a character as people may assume.

I do have my breaking points too. I think I have been pretty near one of those.

Spending Christmas on your own isn’t quite a nice experience by any means.

Mine was due to sickness and I did feel very woe is me a lot of the time. I just chose to hold that back and not whine about it like I potentially could have.

But it certainly made me think more about people who are so alone that Christmas is always the same as any other day. Alone.

I think this year I plan to be more active in seeking out those people and finding ways to make them empowered more.

I don’t yet know the plan on that ideal. Not yet anyhow. But it’s definitely the one thing I feel in my heart I really need to do. Try and at least help one person feel less lonely.


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5 more minutes

5 more minutes

Do I really have to get up? 

Just 5 more minutes.

10 more minutes?

No honestly 30 more minutes then I’ll get up.

Ok let’s start again. I’m going back back to sleep.

While I’m gone, check out this outfit!!!!

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