Nothing to say

Morning, I feel like Miss Marple checking out the local vegetation here. Undercover in my sunglasses looking like I blend in with the locals. Except today I decided to wear purple as that's my favourite colour. Actually in reality I am in my pink pyjamas about to enjoy some egg on toast and a hot [...]

Finding your inner zen and peace

Finding your inner peace? Yeah you read that correctly. I have decided to get all meditation like and see if that's the path I want to explore. Admittedly this downward dog idea may be a bit of a challenge to me as not sure how the the heck I get back up again? I came [...]

I want this in RL

I'm on the bus as always, however running late for work. I'm usually there by now, but for some reason the alarm decided in its own foolish way not to go off and let me sleep! We will be having words later and I've decided such mindfulness I will have to replace him. His fate [...]

The alternate night before Christmas

Yes I'm trying to be all festive but I'm not feeling it right now. Not in RL anyhow. I don't know if it's because as we get older those Xmas fantasies we had as a child are lost.  As an adult you know that Father Christmas isn't real and that the reindeer  can't fly in [...]