As I head into the sunshine

On my way to sunshine but wanted to stop and wish everyone a lovely Sunday. Life is for living and making the most of every moment we get. Because frankly once we are gone, its too late. But lets do it in style. Video:-   Credits:- Marinah Maxi dress  and heels  at the Sense Event [...]

My hud, my lovely lady hud

Not long after I got home I figured I would pump out this blog while I had some blog stamina in me. I'm actually pretty shattered as lack of sleep the past few days but none the less I like to make sure I get things on the track and dont fall too far behind. [...]

The skin I’m in

So the outfit is no longer at the event which ended 3 days ago, but hell I will show you anyhow as I'm sure it will appear in the store shortly. It is so cute I had to still show you. So much to do and so little time. Egads !!! Video:- Credits:- Sonia [...]

On the catwalk

Seriously I have such a thing to show you tomorrow and a few days from now and  I cannot contain the excitement. So instead I will release a second blog today because frankly I have the so many I just want to do . Video:-   Credits:- Un Break my heart dress from Entice at [...]

Within these four walls

So I'm on the bus now. A little while ago I was sat at home in front of my television drinking my tea and putting my face on to get ready for work. The news was on and on my screen came the story about the couple from California keeping 13 of their children shackled [...]


I woke up a little while ago and was about to leap up in a panic, jump in the shower and dash out of my front door. Then I realised it's Sunday and I actually haven't got work today. Work has become so all consuming that it's stealing my weekends because it's in my thoughts. [...]