Love me like you did last night

I love this sim where I filmed this dance video. If you haven't been to Serendipity Sands ,  then you must visit,  as its truly lovely. While there you can even find a nice home to rent. I think the neighbours must have wondered what I was doing as I was prancing about shaking my [...]

Dont fall in love

I reflected on a previous dance video and took her back to where it started. Video:- Credits:- Kiana Jumpsuit from Aphorism Classic glasses from Haysuriza at the Designer Showcase Sweet gloss from A R T E Rare eyes  from A R T E Pechea hair from ExXeSs Catya bento head from CATWA Angel shape for the Catya [...]

The bonds of friendship

There's something about my close knit of real life and virtual friends that certainly makes it all worthwhile. But there are times you can't get them all together at once and you resort to the bot! They are resurfacing and will be coming into videos more frequently again because frankly they do as they are [...]

Black Easter Dance

I've never really thought of bunnies as always being white and fluffy. In fact the ones I've known have usually been grey and unfriendly. Probably because they are aware they make great stews. (Note I don't eat rabbit anything) I'm not really sure why bunnies are associated with the whole tradition of Easter. But ever [...]

Pretty Lady

OMG just woke up, jumped in shower in a panic thinking I was late for work and then realised it's Sunday!!! Seriously why . The dream I was caught up in gave me delusions for ten minutes. This dance video is full of stuff. Yes stuff! Not just a fabulous dance. (Seriously MOVE are just [...]

Keep you near

Right now the only place I want to be is on my pillow. I was asleep, I was dreaming. All was great in the world. Then bang! The cat jumped on my bedside table and knocked my lamp over. I'm awake now. Here's a dance video to start your day...... Video:- Credits: Nadira jumpsuit [...]

The Snow Queen

I've finally seen a few flakes of the white. Yes I crazily did a live stream in You tube a few minutes. I'm just so pleased that it coincides with my Ice Queen dance video. Enjoy.... Video:- Credits:- Faye lace dress from La Geeny Livis heels by Bijou Judy Hair from D!VA Catya bento [...]

Street Dance

Street Dance

There's something about a dance video which makes it my most favourite thing to do on a Saturday. Many thanks to Rosie Helendale and Maddie Wyatt for busting their moves on the streets. This is Yasmin.... Video:- Credits:- Yasmin dance from MOVE! Animations Cologne EXTRA BENDED HIP/BACK - SEXY SLOW - BOOTY HIPHOP ■■SPECIAL [...]