Am I pregnant?

Am I pregnant?

Many things are happening with Aunty Va Gina right now.

She has fallen heavily in love with her neighbour Yorkie. Checking him out each day as he does his chores.

Admiring his charm and wit.

In the meanwhile undertaking her job as advice guru Aunty Va Gina.

Something is brewing, but it’s not a cup of tea!!!



Misty cos play shorts from Piggu

MaeJoon Cropped t-shirt now at the Pigg-Con 2020

No When hair from no.match

June skin from Chubby Bunny now at the Pigg-Con 2020

June avatar from Piggu

Better quality Picture:-here

Marikas message for Christmas

Marikas message for Christmas

As Christmas approaches and the festive messages are being sent. Marika pops on her Christmas part dress and sends her words of festive joy.

Not quite the words many have in mind, but then Marika is certainly an individual.

There’s a little Marika in all of us.



Kallie Gown from Chubby Bunny at the Winter Fair

Nessa Hair from Joviality

June avatar from Piggu at the Winter Fair however this is the beta version of June 2

Snowball post from *!R.O!*

Picture shot on location at my snow home

Video shot on location at a friends platform using the Hello Sir backdrop from The Bearded Guy