Peace Brother – Papoosegate

Peace Brother – Papoosegate

As papoosegate hits the news stands around the world, bombarding Twitter. Harriet Parker brings Jonathon back to our screens who demonstrates he too loves a good papoose. Bravo to all the male papoose wearers everywhere. May you wear those papooses with pride! Video:- Credits:- Rosie Jacket and skirt from KiB Designs at the Designer [...]

The Good News

The Good News

Its that moment again with Thelma Video:- Credits:- Naya pumps from EQUAL at the .equal10 Event Vibes skirt and top set from Gaia at the .equal10 Event La Ofrenda table set from Crate now at the .equal10 Event Cultural hat and earrings from WAD Designs Borealis eyes from A R T E Emily nails from [...]

The Question

Thelma finishes a quick vlog and goes to meet Trevor in  the park to discuss their life together. There are questions about what will happen with Charmaine. But its what Trevor has to tell Thelma thats the shocker. Video:- Credits:- Naja set (bodysuit and pants - has hud!) from .miss chelsea. at the .equal10 Event [...]

Lets fly

Somehow this image isn't quite what is happening. I mean here today in reality, its raining for starters. Wearing a babydoll dress would not  be convenient and the other not happening thing is the leap into the air. I mean in my head Im leaping. Many reasons for that but not telling. The reality is [...]

The unveiling

Thelma has just finished a blog for Legendaire and A R T E when a knock  comes at the door. It's time for her to come face to face with Trevor. Video:- Credits:- Dayla outfit from Legendaire at the Sense Event Borealis eyes from A R T E at the SOS 2018 Tropical nails from Cazim [...]

My lovely lady lumps

I had hoped for the Trevor reveal to be transitioning today. However due to real life it's not been possible this week. The wait will be worth it. That's all I am saying . Video:- Credits:- Annecy outfit from FurtaCor at the Designer Showcase Ferraro hair from .:JUMO:. at the Designer Showcase Rose lipstick [...]

Today in 2012

On this day in 2012 I had the phone call in the early hours from Australia, that my mum had died. It was the most painful telephone call I have ever received. So many memories and what if's have saturated my mind since. I sang this for her funeral and this is buried with her. [...]

I didn’t eat it really

Trevor and Charmaine are no where to be seen. Thelma is getting on with life while she waits to hear what changes Trevor plans to make. Back to work and vlogging. But she cant stop eating the ice creams! Video:- Credits:- Riley one piece from Well Made at the Designer Showcase Influence nails from [...]