Interruption to coffee

Coffee with Isa is on hold today because I wanted to do a post about the University Of Western Australia (UWA) and the awards they have been giving to people over the years for their amazing contributions to art and machinima in Second Life. Of course it comes with a self indulgent video. I was [...]

My scary valentine

Can you believe it, only a few days till the V DAY. Anyone who knows me will know its not big on my list of the to do stuff. I have always figured if I love someone and them vice versa, the love would flow no matter of a particular day. That said though, I [...]


So it's Monday again and another cup of coffee. Mind you right now in reality as I push this blog and Vlog out into cyberspace, I'm actually standing at the bus stop waiting for my bus. Happy Monday.... Video:- Credits:- Samantha outfit from D. E. Boutique now at the Designer Showcase The jacket has a hud!!! [...]


The day I recorded the video it certainly was dismal. But today? Nope it has been s glorious crisp sunny day here in the south of England. I have no complaints, because it's also Friday and I'm free!!! Video:- Credits:- Irelands call outfit from Entice at the Designer Showcase What I hide pose from [...]

Shhhh don’t tell anyone

So today I have time on my hands. I took a leave day to catch up with myself. Well actually to take a break. Go figure as tomorrow is the weekend. The thing is I am babysitting all day tomorrow and then Sunday have guests. So that me time I like to enjoy may not [...]

The little dress

The little dress

I'm feeling a little perkier this evening so figured I would finish off this blog post and send it off to wide world. My favourite test of an outfit is that I can dance in it for my videos and not lose body parts through the fabric. This one completed that test perfectly for me. What [...]



Shhhhh don't tell anyone but I've taken the day off from work in RL. Have you ever just wanted some time to chill and just be alone? That's me at the moment. I'm often pulled from pillar to post and lately seems even more so, that it's affecting the things I enjoy doing. So I [...]

Another face

I was just thinking earlier, about how many faces a person can have.Our facial expressions often give away our thoughts and at other times can actually mask our thoughts if used like a true actor. So as human beings we can stare at a person, smile and give the appearance of sweetness and light, but [...]