Cyberpunk meets Dubstep at Hangars Liquides

Cyberpunk meets Dubstep at Hangars Liquides

No Coffee chats today. This week I promised myself and some good people I would spend my time raising the awareness of the amazing Hangars Liquides the largest and longest running cyberpunk city in the world. The entire visual content is crafted in 3D, by artist Djehan Kidd, all the textures are hand painted. The sound design has [...]

I need to tell someone

Here in the UK we are basking in 28 degrees and I've seriously seen some sights that I cannot unsee, ever! Right now as I'm sat on the bus amongst the sweet smells of body odour there he sits. Homer Simpson reincarnate with no shirt on, pale skin and red where he has sunburnt himself. [...]

Surfs up?

Ok so yesterday was like everyone suddenly decided to bare their bits and let it all hang out. Generally its fine on the beach but when I went to the local shop I walked into the Twilight zone. Some of the most glaring sights I have seen. I'm still  needing to sit down with the [...]

Before the World was made

I don't class myself as a great machinima creator. I don't have the excellent graphic qualities or the great production software. But I do love machinima. I have followed the UWA during my time in SL and loved the creativity that has come from the films I have seen and even attempted to participate in [...]