So, I’m currently sat at the local leisure centre for a moment of beautification in luxury.

I’m having my nails done. They look shocking and frankly if I’m going away I may as well have pretty hands for a week.

Anyone who knows the real me will know I don’t bother with such stuff usually.

I’m a pretty natural kind of woman and hate anything that’s not real attached to me. But yes I’m having these bad boy dishpan and hard working hands treated to some gel thing.

Who knows, when I come out I may  be a changed woman……

Hermi grils


Credits :-

Dress “Joan” Erratic

Head “Gwen” CATWA

Body “Lara” Maitreya

Eyes “Promise – Paradise” IKON

Hair “Guusje” MINA


Location HERMOUPOLIS Village

Bus journeys

 I’m on the bus. Where else would I be at 6.55am in the morning?

Well only for today as after today it’s a week of lazy days in Scotland. Breakfast made for me, baths run for me and sightseeing.

Can’t really complain at that prospect can I.

I may take the laptop. But maybe I may not. Sadly I do have to as I’m doin my law course and there is no holiday from that. But sitting on Ben Nevis writing an essay, doesn’t seem too shabby in my mind right now. 

So after tomorrow (unless I take lots of pics tonight and tomorrow) my blog will revert to reality and will be my adventures in Fife Scotland. I’m looking forward to showing you how beautiful it is.

Today’s blog photos were taken in my own back yard. Which I might add I’m  pretty pleased with. Often linden mainland is not the greatest to make look pretty, but with me doing some de rendering of the neighbouring airport, anything is possible. 

Later I will show you and provide a landmark as frankly I like to share and I’ve always made my backyards public.

Oh and this dress? From the Luxebox !!!

Credits :-

Dress Tres Blah

Hair Argrace

Body “Lara” Maitreya

Head “Gwen” CATWA

Skin “Christy Dark” Lara Hurley

Pose GingerFish






Summer vibes

 Ok it’s not quite summer in the UK. But, any semblance of warm and sun here, is summer as far as I’m concerned.

This weekend I never made it out of my four walls. Mainly as I was baby sitting and also because I felt incredibly lazy.

Really it wasn’t difficult to just chill, play with a cute little person and watch a movie or two together. 

Next weekend won’t be like it as I’m on my way to Scotland on Thursday for 6 days.

In the meantime my pixelated neighbour gave me her protected water property and so Ive recreated a new hangout.

Hmmm that means I’ll be hanging at home more not less.

Still, I have waterfalls to lazily swim in and a pool to sun bathe in. Perfect.

Happy Monday.

Credits :-

Bikini  Erratic

Body “Lara” Maitreya

Head “Gwen” CATWA

Pose GingerFish

Home sweet home

One thing I am is very much someone who loves my time at home, pottering around.

It’s true what they say, your home is your castle.  It doesn’t matter on the size and the trinkets it contains. It’s just the fact once you step in, you feel secure and safe.

I love my virtual home. 

Earlier today my neighbour decided to give me her land. I was smiling like a Cheshire Cat as this land overlooks protected waters. Usually costing ridiculous money and she just gave it to me.

I’m in the middle of deciding what to do with it. So I’m sure construction diggers will appear soon.

In the meantime,my bed is actually calling me as its near midnight here in the UK. Tomorrow is another day.


Credit : –

Outfit “Klapp” by [Excellence] currently at Shiny Shabby

Head “Gwen” CATWA

Body “Lara” Maitreya

Eyes “Promise – Paradise” IKON

Ears “Steking” MANDALA

Skin “Christy Dark” Lara Hurley

Hair “Mandy” MINA

Necklace  “Butterfly” Cae





Our path in life

 I walk The Path, and see my future running along parallel 

I walk the path and see myself inside me

My path is before me, behind me and alongside me. 





Robot “CMFF FemDroid Deluxe” CMFF

AO “AO Cyborgs” *Veira´s*


“The Path” Split Screen by Cherry Manga

Music “My Second Life” IsaB

I wish

Right now as I bounce along on the bus headed to work, I would gleefully trade today for a sun soaked relaxing day on some tropical island just doing what the heck I wanted.

When I left work yesterday I said to my colleagues “Dont  mind if I’m in late tomorrow, it’s because I won the lottery and will need the lay in to get over it”.

Clearly that didn’t happen at all because I’m now sat on the bus going to said institution for sending people insane.

Yes I really would have still gone into work if I won. Why? Because my mischevious side would have enjoyed anarchic behaviour in the workplace, even for a day. With the total knowledge of knowing I really could say what I’ve been absolutely desperate to say to a few managerial bullies. Knowing that there was nothing they could do. 

I’m sure many people feel this at times. I feel it a lot of recent times as the organisation that I work for, despite being a public authority, contains the largest number of incompetent, self absorbed bullies I have ever come across in my working life.

You expect this in private sector work but not in public sector. Tax payers pay for this!! Shocking.

So sadly I can’t wreak havoc just yet. 

Maybe tomorrow?

In the meantime, I will pop on my virtual persona, slip into a bikini and swim in the warm blue sea.
Credits :-

Bikini Erratic

Hair “Mayu” Argrace

Head “Gwen”CATWA

Body “Maitreya Lara” Maitreya

Scary places

 You just have to visit scary places in order to appreciate where you are and where you came from.

Little Isabellah the puppet doll visited her worst nightmare and look what happened!

Some people live those scary places each day of their lives and don’t get those choices to step away.

Mental illness is such a complex and shifting weight for anyone suffering with it.

I had a brief glimpse in 2010 when my father commited suicide. 

I hadn’t seen him for would you believe 20 years as I had moved to the UK from Australia.

I flew back to Australia and helped bury him. I took it all in my stride as I do most things in life. ( I’m a compartment type person). Came back to the UK and cracked on with life, grieving but doing ok. 4 months later it hit me like a major sledgehammer and I found the most simplest tasks unachievable. 

I had medication and counselling and learnt to manage it.

But that was just a tip of my understanding.

My dad had mental health issues all my life, but I never knew it. He was a psychologist, writer and painter. Probably one of the most talented artistic creative people I have ever known.

I never appreciated that until now. 

Moving forward I’ve met and developed relationships with people who have had various issues which I’ve struggled to understand but certainly accepted. One had bi polar and the other more recently Aspergers.

The first was a very traumatic experience for me because our relationship was at his worst time of dealing with his illness. 

He was the most charismatic, charming man I’ve ever met. But his darkness was the most destructive.

The more recent guy with Aspergers, has been a challenge for me. It’s that lack of empathy and the “out of sight, out of mind” that you experience with someone in this spectrum. Loved him with such a intensity but I never told him. Only when he was asleep. He will never know.

People with any mental health issues or syndromes or spectrums (I’m covering everything here) visit those scary places every single day that others take for granted. 

I never take for granted people or life. We are lucky. Live it well and care.


Isabella been bad

Credits : –

Avatar “Popje Doll -Mesh-” * Sylan *

On location A scary place