Avatars are humans too

I have set up my YouTube with a playlist specific for my Ramblings of a woman in her later years.

I decided that in all seriousness I don’t have that much time in my day to monitor duplications on all my social accounts.

Seriously who does?

It will make for “interesting” viewing if a non virtual viewer drops by anyhow. I think they may feel like they’ve walked into the Matrix or something if they were to explore the virtual videos. BUT it may also spark interest in our world, which may be a pretty positive thing. Or not. Time will tell.

Certainly it’s time to show people that real normal people inhabit Second Life. It’s about more than trolls and selling sex. It is about creativity, imagination and real people discovering the world from the comfort of their living room. ie a wonderful opportunity to meet so many different cultures without having to travel.

After all all avatars are humans too.



Face aged by Mother Nature

Hair courtesy of eating all my vegetables with a boost of good product

Attitude AO from life’s assault course

Buxomness from a hearty appetite

2 thoughts on “Avatars are humans too

  1. “After all all avatars are humans too.”

    No, they aren’t. One of my avatars is a tiny rabbit, while my main, good ole Orcsi is a part time bunny and sometimes an android. Even a zombie on occcasion. All four have zero tolerance for human life forms.


    1. Lol you know what I meant!!! 😂😂😂
      I have an ape, dinosaur and a cat. A tiny teeny Zooby puddy cat. So cute but I find it hard looking up at the world as get true on so easily.
      It’s Friday today. Thank goodness because I want sleep!!!!


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