The linden back garden

Thinking about some ideas for your Linden Home garden?

Then how about a lovely gacha set from Raindale. Hurry though as I believe it runs till the 20th May.

Check the video.



River Break gacha items as detailed below are from Raindale and right now at the 6th Republic Event

Here is a link to the DEMO area.

There are ten commons and the rare is the pond. I actually have resized it to fit the Linden home back garden. So you can size to your garden preference. The only item I am not showing in the video is the cute little bridge but that is because my prims ran out. The Trevor Junior was asleep in the cot inside.

I have included the merchant photo so you can see all that is available in this gacha. Ideal for the Linden home back garden.

Raindale - Riverbreak gacha key


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