The garden of dreams

This morning is quite a struggle to get ready for work.

The amount of sleep I managed to get last night is the reason for this.

I was in bed in a timely way and fell asleep pretty fast. If all went well I would feel refreshed right now.

However the CATS!!!!

Seriously 1am, 2am, 3am, 4am then 5am I just figured god sake I may as well get up!

So here I am asleep awake and sat on the edge of my bed trying to muster the energy to get those shoes and walk out the front door.

I’ve got ten minutes, I’ll just gaze with annoyance at both my cats who are fast asleep on the windowsill with not a care in the world.

The end.

Credits :-

Featuring the Costerfield set from Raindale at the Illuminate Event

This set includes bench (2Li, 14 solo and 7 PG couples animations), two stumps (1Li each, 14 sit animations) and fire pit (2Li, fire on/off on touch)

Oh and the gal. That’s me but she doesnt come with the set, not this time

the wait

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