The sunny Garden?

I woke up today to rain and can I say absolutely disappointed. My dreams of a super sunny warm bank holiday weekend are basically not yet being realised.

I have a feeling the weather people lied to me. How very dare they.

So it’s back to inside activities.

View from my rl perspective below the credits.

Credits :-

Daybreak Gazebo from Raindale at the Illuminate

(There are 2 versions included: with and without string lights)

Fairley Garden arch from Raindale now at the Cosmopolitan Event

(There are 2 arches included – with and without bench (7-8Li), 15 solo and 8 couples animations (PG) in bench)

Wonderland Mushrooms from Raindale at the Enchantment

(There are 15 mushrooms included: 5 types, 3 colours for each! Mushrooms 1,2,3 are deco only
+ mushroom with particles (on/off on touch) and mushroom with seat (9 bento animations))

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