Sunshine and French

I’m seriously loving my trip to France this week. Warm weather and great food and people. What more can I ask for.

Oh hang on add the rather lush tinder men who are messaging me? Lol

Seriously travelling with dating apps is a fun experience. Every few minutes my phone pings with a new message or match.

I have to say the men in France have a great manner and approach. Many others could learn a lot from.

But that is not why I am here. I’m here to touch base with my friends and relax and unwind.

But doesn’t hurt to make more friends along the way virtually anyhow. No I’m not rushing off to meet anyone.

The trip isn’t for that. Maybe next time?

Saturday night was strolling through Toulouse town and a steak meal at a popular restaurant watching people and just enjoying the bustle.

Yesterday was a glorious BBQ in the sunshine, wine and conversation.

Today chilling and sun rays.

You may find out. I’m saving all my photos and videos till the end then I will share them. For now, only snippets.


Hair by L’Oréal

Face weathered with age and sun but still surviving

Clothing by Primark

Attitude by who gives a damn dot com

Photographed on location in Tolouse France

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