The 4th july

I’m in so much pain right now and can’t sleep. So as my writing arm is fine I thought I would write a blog post and simply moan.

I am in bed and am tapping on my iphone.

So basically Friday afternoon I went for a mammogram. It’s not the most comfortable of experiences and I have experienced it once before so was prepared.

What I wasn’t prepared for was the way the radiographer manipulated my arm and boobs in the process. I said it hurt but her response is it’s generally not a comfortable process. Jolly good Sherlock it wasn’t!!

It’s now the early hours of Tuesday (just befote 2am) morning and 3 days have gone past.

I have been housebound and in excruciating pain ever since which has just got worse.

I have taken every drug in my collection and frankly can’t take any more as what is the point, it is not working.

Right it’s simply like this.

I haven’t been dressed for days and because of this I can’t leave the flat. I can’t move my left arm because the pain is excruciating and neither the 999 or 111 service think they need to visit. Of course they don’t. I’m not considered an emergency, so I’m fine to leave rotting at home till I become one and my cats decide to start eating me.

The on call GP a DR Morgan ( no idea who this woman is) said to me today that I need to go in to the surgery. I don’t know how many times I tried to explain to her I can’t actually get dressed. Lord if I could have dressed myself I would have done it two days ago and seen someone!!!! I asked her quite pleadingly can someone please come out. She said NO. Long pause…..

So basically the call ended with her firm in the fact I need to go to the walk in clinic. That happens in the morning and you are not seen for ages at times. You are expected to stand outside like cattle if you want to see someone fast. So the only way I can get there is to walk out of my flat in my nightie, catch a bus and walk in. How frigging degrading. So nope I won’t be doing that! I spare the local community that sight.

I’m on night 3 where I can’t sleep and now have found the only position I can be in is to sit up . My right arm and hand is dandy as how else can I type this.

So suggestions on a sensible response would be warmly welcomed. 

Bear in mind I can’t get dressed to get out the door and I desperately need to see someone and end this pain.

Oh and I tried 999, they referred me to 111. Who then referred me to the GP. So a vicious circle all of this.

I would give anything right now to be able to serve with a tennis racket or catch a ball like the photo below. 

Soon to be found woman, eaten by her cats cause she couldn’t get out the door!!!

New Image.jpg


Amera 4th July outfit from Bijou

Imani hair from Truth

Catya bento head from CATWA

Angel shape for the Catya head LizBitz

Lara mesh body Maitreya

Christy dark skin Lara Hurley

Ionic Tennis mice from .Princess Stuff. Gachaitems

Shot on location at Namaste Beach

2 thoughts on “The 4th july

  1. Isa, I think your shoulder is out of alignment, in fact the arm may be partially out of the socket and that is very painful. Phone a chiropractor or osteopath (sorry it will be expensive) and talk to them, get their receptionist to ask them to give you a call back. As they are private practice, they will do this generally. Then it is up to them to decide if they will come out to you to fix things or that you need to get a friend from work or neighbour to help you put on a coat and shoes to go to the chiro/osteopath. It will be painful to put back so load up with painkillers.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Need a day to prepare myself for that. I’m squeamish about any more sin right now .
      Amazing how something routine can do this and render me incapable o simple things. I can fight hand things but trying not to do too much as that Wong help as I do have a tendon issue in the right arm.
      Everything in moderation for now


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