Have you

Read the gossip sites for this world? The amount of garbage I read is amazing. Especially about individuals who I have came across in world. But the garbage is written slating these people as old, frumpy bored housewives and husbands etc etc. Now I have to ask the question about the people writing this salacious [...]

It’s true

Sometimes when we hurt, we just have to let it go. The video says it all. Video:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cRbpd2AYI9A Credits :- Tizian male dance from MOVE! Animations Cologne Neve leggings from Cold Logic Unkempt outfit (swear look) from Cold Logic Minami hair with cowboy hat from Argrace Filmed on location at Saint-Pete City   FLICKR: https://www.flickr.com/photos/moveanimations/ [...]

Happy endings

I'm still chuckling on the bus right now at the title. You will get why in the video. Or will you?  I've come to the conclusion I have a left around the corner and up the path sense of humour that only I understand. Still if you get it, that will make my day. We [...]

Dreams or recollections

I had this crazy dream last night. One I've had a number of times before, many years ago when I was only around 12.  Suddenly I'm having the exact dream again. When I was a girl (yeah back in the olden days ha ha ) I used to have a recurring dream about the world [...]

Little people

I'm waiting at home for a little person to be dropped off who is going to stay the night with me. Excited a little? Yeah I am every single time he comes to stay. Little Mason is now starting to say so many more words and Cat is the one he says a lot when [...]


It's Friday!!!! Honestly I couldn't be more excited to wake up today and know it's the weekend after 4 pm.  I'm on the bus and just saw a message from a rather tasty looking avatar/RL  man in my Facebook. Happy Friday me. I have a smile because life gets so much better on Friday afternoons [...]

Nice and demure

I went to see the second of the Fifty shades films last night. Fifty shades darker. Apparently I have to wait another year for the next one. I'm guessing by the time I've seen all the books set to film, I'll have retired and be placed in an old age home. The love balls will [...]


I woke up this morning and looked out the window and just smiled. I'd take up running, if I could have this dude. It's a gorgeous morning, the sun is shining and some loose change in my pocket. (Not quite literally as I'm a woman and carry a handbag). I was in SL hours last [...]

Pocket full loose change

People come and go in your life. Sometimes their presence makes a difference, other times it's almost as though they were never there. A bit like a pocket of loose change. That is also the nature of our online existences. Some were meant to leap from our pages and live. But others just fade away. [...]