Thelma gets a job

Thelma gets a job. Her and Trevor are hiding from the police and starting a new life. Thelma has dyed her hair and goes to interview for a new job. Video:- Credits:- Cleo dress  and heels from Legendaire Scrappy helmet and Scooter in video from DRD Isabelles motorbike from [Silvercloud Custom Bikes] Simone bento head from [...]

Trevor where are you

Thelma is beside herself with loneliness. She had to move after the landlord kicked her out.Louise found her a little house on Route 66. The rent is cheap and it's clean. One morning Thelma gets a call from Roger to tell her that Trevor has escaped from jail. She knows he is headed to town...... [...]

Not again Trevor!

Further to the story of Thelma and Trevor, the lazy ass has landed himself in jail. Yet again! Video:- Credits:- Brainstew Hoodie and Cargo pants from Vinyl Frankenstomp Boots from DRD Routine Bento pose *!R.O!* Simone bento head from Lelutka Freya Mesh body from Belleza Bonnie and Clyde glasses from [SteinWerk] Teanna hair from Truth Rie Rose Pale skin from Lara [...]

Meet Thelma and Trevor Phillips

The couple from the back garden. Trying to get their heads above water. Trevor perhaps is a little more reluctant and Thelma is a basic true hard worker. How long will this duo last? Video:- Credits:- Cherry Bomb outfit from Legendaire Simone bento head from Lelutka Freya Mesh body from Belleza The shape is my own [...]

Undercover hooker – Harriet Parker

Harriet Parker goes undercover reporting to try and meet the infamous Trevor Phillips. The City of Sin is the destination. Watch as Harriet goes live in the streets..... Video:- Credits:- Dixie fried dress from Entice now at the Finders Keeper Hunt go along and find the pot of gold Charlotte hair from Analog Dog [...]