The Summer dress

Its mega sunny today here in the UK and what better outfit to be wearing than this summer dress from Entice. Sadly in reality I am not! Apparently I cannot just grab things from my inventory as and when I fancy it. Absolutely ridiculous dont you think. The dress has a hud and its in [...]

How I look so cool

The answer to this is..... virtually!!! It's a totally beautiful summers day in the real world. I've spent much of it in the sun on my balcony with a mini pool and playing. Ok well the little person was playing and I suntanned. I wore most of the water he has as he watered the [...]

The morning flasher

On the bus headed to work and have just seen a flasher. I kid you not! He is standing on his front drive way flashing for the world to see. I don't want to see it, my right not to see it and yet bold as brass this man is standing on his drive putting [...]

Happy endings

I'm still chuckling on the bus right now at the title. You will get why in the video. Or will you?  I've come to the conclusion I have a left around the corner and up the path sense of humour that only I understand. Still if you get it, that will make my day. We [...]

Little bit of French at Tres Chic?

When Entice sent this outfit over to me to blog I was a tad excited. It meant I could go to Paris and fulfill that childhood dream of romance in a romantic city. However sadly it wasn't the real Paris and there was no handsome man on my arm. A basket of fruit and flowers [...]

Winter is still here

Just putting it out there that winter does exist still.  Today is the first day I've felt that the woolly coat and boots could come on. I doubt snow will come. But maybe a little frost? Mother Nature and I need to have a little conflab soon over this. Video   Credits : - [...]


Taking a moment to reflect and think about the music. When you miss someone.   Video     Credits:- Cool Girl corset and skirt available exclusively from Entice at the Tres Chic event which is running now till December 10th. The Empire boots are from the November Luxe Box Catya Bento mesh head and Animated [...]