Little people

I'm waiting at home for a little person to be dropped off who is going to stay the night with me. Excited a little? Yeah I am every single time he comes to stay. Little Mason is now starting to say so many more words and Cat is the one he says a lot when [...]

Take me away

Well as I write this right now, technically those words apply. I am in the car (not driving of course) heading out for some lunch with my daughter and her little one. He is sat at the back in his chair snoring his head off and doesn't even know I am in the car yet. [...]

Just a little boxed in

I'm not really, but the title kind of fitted with the pose I chose today. I must have faffed around for at least an hour trying to make my girl fit in this box! Only kidding, she slides in pretty well given its a small space. I came home tonight and its been one of [...]