Its hot

Damn! I'm back on the bus rides to work. It's a gorgeous morning and it's only 6.45am as I write this. I certainly can kick myself for not taking another week off from work as the beach is seriously shouting come back!! Still, means I get to take more time off in the next few [...]

Summer time?

Well it would be hard pressed to tell if this scene will be arriving anytime soon. Highly unlikely but I live in hope. Anyone who watched Coffee with Isa yesterday will know I've had a leak in my roof. They came out and patched the area temporarily until they can come out and re do [...]

The beach life

Swimsuits at the ready? No me neither. Not in reality anyhow. In reality though I'm actually feeling pretty annoyed with myself that I'm not ready to be seen in a swim suit and frankly don't like me myself right now. For many of us on this planet it's a constant struggle to meet the image [...]

Something free instead

Right now as you read this I am enjoying my pretend summer. Visiting different virtual experiences and taking in the suns wonderful rays. Then I look away and realize that in reality its nothing like this right now. The outfit I am wearing is something free right now at Entice as a group gift. it [...]

Coffee in the sun

The sun only shone in pretend land because we had more snow and icy conditions in the real world. I know, this time around I wasn't as excited about it as I was 2 weeks ago. So as I'm standing here at this bus stop I am wishing for spring to arrive. My fingers are [...]

Décor away

Décor away

Most know I'm the worlds worst decor photographer and blogger. Well although I can decorate my homes, my attention to detail is rather mediocre. But I'm a trier!I constantly admire the decor bloggers and bloggers with their amazing photos and speed build.Again, I'm a trier.Today I am blogging for the first time Little Branch who [...]