Back home and I’m on it!

Back home and I’m on it!

I arrived back home last night from France, amidst a few delays might I add. A few! Mind you who would have thought, standing at an airport waiting is an ideal opportunity to chat up a nice man. Nope he wasn't French as it happens, English businessman who had been there working for the day [...]

Day at the beach

Day at the beach

The way I see it, people come in all shapes and sizes, all colours all religions and all class levels. Never miss what is under your nose just staring at you. Love can be found in the unlikeliest of places. In saying that, Tinder French men are awaiting me. Two days to go!!!! Video:- [...]

All dressed up

So its Friday night and what am I doing? Writing this blog. I just realised today in many ways I should be on some hot date somewhere, sipping wine and flirting like a floozy. In actual fact I am in my living room and too shattered to even think about getting dressed up and stepping [...]

That old vineyard

I'm at this beautiful old vineyard house and the musicians are playing, the smell of pasta being cooked and my glass of red wine being poured by the man of my dreams. Then, I wake up! The scene was almost similar  in my imagination when I came to this sim Noelia Island to do my [...]

Was I by the pool or in Sansar!!

Well last night I wasn't by the pool. I was in Sansar. Unfortunately as  much as I would love to show you my experience and the gorgeous photos and video footage I took, I can't. Part of the agreement in entering is that you  agree to not share the footage or photos on public platforms [...]

Nipple covers

  Ok so in this blog pic I've hid the nips on the boobies. The Flickr version however is a different kettle of fish. I do often wonder why  it's considered offensive for we ladies to show our baps in photos when done tastefully and not in a sexually gratifying manner? I mean the men show their [...]

The Charleston

I've seriously had little to do with so much time on my hands and so I've filmed and filmed to my hearts content.  Some days I don't want to do your traditional Isa outfit Vlog so today I did a little something different. Faith shoes from KC Couture at the Designer Showcase and Ruffled body [...]

Never Walk Alone

But dancing alone is definitely allowed.  Whilst filming this at Salt Water I could sense onlookers wondering what the heck I was in fact doing. Prancing around like my hippy self swaying to my own music.  I recall at the time of filming there was some chicken kicking track playing on the sim  that certainly [...]

Summer daze

Today I won't ramble about the things I can't do as it then I'll be guilty of whining or moaning or any other term we use when a record is stuck on one subject. Suffice to say my right hand/arm is currently taking quite a hammering this past week making up for the useless left. [...]