We got this

What a day. I have despite the statement I was going to chill, kick back and relax, been actually very busy all day. I have had a lot of RL and a few visitors and whilst making this video, left myself logged in dancing with my dancers and had dinner, cups of tea and gossip. [...]

Raindale at Crossroads

I'm not the greatest décor blogger out there by any means of a long arm shot in the dark. But as the saying goes, I try. So I will be remembered in years from now for being the Trier. ha ha Still I cant ever do a décor photo as its hard for me as [...]

What a beautiful day

Well it is in my pretend place. However the reality as I sit here on this bus, is that man it's cold!! Back to work today as Mason will be going  home with his mom, dad and grandad later today once the surgeon gives the all clear. How amazing is that! I say it all [...]