So apparently tips are now automatically an expected part of the dining out experience.

One of my friends told me her and pals went out last night, paid a pretty penny for a meal and the tip was automatically included on the bill as the balance owing. An extra £24!!!!

Wow , so now you don’t get the choice who you tip, the venue takes it directly.

So my friend who has no filter told the restaurant to immediately remove their extra charge off the bill and informed them the meal that’s on the menu and the prices are what she expected to pay. Then subsequently personally tipped the waitress directly.

The choice to tip here in the U.K. is the choice by the consumer.

I work in the public sector and there are many people who do roles providing service. We are paid at basic minimal wages and don’t get tips.

Many people provide services to other folks and don’t even get a thank you.

But for any establishment to put a tip automatically on a bill is just plain robbery.

Most people have had a drink with their meals and are not fully aware of the bill and just go on to pay it, plus leave a tip on the table!

Always the person serving should be given that tip not the establishment.

That’s my view on this.

Have you ever been billed and paid a tip beyond what you thought should have been appropriate?


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