Dreams or recollections

Dreams or recollections

I had this crazy dream last night. One I’ve had a number of times before, many years ago when I was only around 12. 

Suddenly I’m having the exact dream again.

When I was a girl (yeah back in the olden days ha ha ) I used to have a recurring dream about the world in the future and finding myself on this planet where there was very little but devastation everywhere around me. 

I would wander amongst the burning embers of whatever had happened and be searching.

From the horizon a figure would appear from some kind of space ship and walk towards me. The most beautiful man I would ever see. The man who was older than me and who came for me. He was the man that was my soul mate.

I went through a lot of my life remembering that dream at odd times and when I was a young girl ( in the olden days ha ha) I believed this was not a dream but a memory of what was to come.

So, last night I woke at 3am absolutely startled by this dream because last night, I saw the next part of it.

So now I’m sitting on this bus this morning wondering what this means to relive an exact dream, but the next frame is added.

If any dream specialists are out there I would love to know because I would rather this was a dream and not a premonition.

Happy Mondays in an odd way. 

I’m going to throw some water over my face when I get to work .
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