Surfs up?

Ok so yesterday was like everyone suddenly decided to bare their bits and let it all hang out. Generally its fine on the beach but when I went to the local shop I walked into the Twilight zone. Some of the most glaring sights I have seen. I'm still  needing to sit down with the [...]

#SecondLifeChallenge My Seven Second Life Facts

So uploading this on here and hoping at least I can participate even for ten minutes in Strawberry Singhs challenge. If my video gets attacked again, I will put up the alternate channel it is now uploaded to. Video:- Credits :- Charlotte hair from Analog Dog Lemon dress from Addams Catya bento head from [...]

The little dress

The little dress

I'm feeling a little perkier this evening so figured I would finish off this blog post and send it off to wide world. My favourite test of an outfit is that I can dance in it for my videos and not lose body parts through the fabric. This one completed that test perfectly for me. What [...]

Back home

I'm back!!! Seems like I never went away. Mind you I only disapeared for a week. So of course after unpacking etc the first thing I do before bed is a blog post.  Excuse the slight lack of editing in the video, but I was shattered.  Happy Thursday everyone. Video:- Credits:- String me up [...]

Because real life happens

I can't sleep!!!  So I'm laying in bed listening to music. Most don't know I have a SoundCloud account and have messed with edm music a few years. Seriously not even my RL friends knows apart from a few. I guess inside all of us is that other person wanting to keep out. I love [...]

I want to take you

Sometimes I just want to write and not mention the fashion. But as I made this video, I really will give you the link to the Gacha to go and get this amazing outfit from Salt & Pepper. I had to make a video and well I wont go into detail at the painstaking efforts [...]