And Breathe

Anyone looking for me, can find me like this today. Well I won't be on top of a bus stop in reality. I'll be on my balcony in the sun. I'm glad I took extra time for leave this weekend as I certainly need it. I'll be back at work tomorrow and hopefully by then [...]

Twinkle Twat

Thelma has to earn extra money as the wage from the Bikers cake bar job is not enough since Trevor disappeared. Thelma hasn't seen Trevor in two weeks now and she is having to pick up all the bills and its killing her. Thelma takes on a side line job doing television commercials. Her first [...]


I have a little attitude this morning. Yes I do. I'm just off to a hearing for someone and had to do my 3 stage psych up. 1. Coffee 2. Snarl 3. Read the case Now I'm ready for anything. But if it's snows, I'm straight outside. That old chestnut I hear you say. Apparently [...]