It was pointed out to me on my You Tube that I actually forgot to do a blog for this shape and give all the details for it. So therefore, here it is all the specs and styling bits you will need. Video Credits : Astrid shape is for the Catya CATWA bento mesh head and Maitreya [...]

Silver Bells

Well, as my bus just went past a house I did see silver bells. But then I also saw all shades of colour as that house is decorated like a huge Christmas tree. Got to love this time of year. It brings out the most amazing decorations, but then also some that simply blind. However [...]

IsaB Bento head shape for CATWA Catya

ddd   Video   Credits :- IsaB shape for Bento Catya CATWA head LizBitz Slip dress from Foxes in the November Luxe Box Hellebore boots from Empire in the November Luxe Box Mena hair from Mena Catya bento mesh head and Animated eyes from CATWA Lara mesh body from Maitreya Christy dark skin from [...]

Have some head!

I have been playing with myself the last few days. My bento head that is. Finally I have made it  kind of how I would imagine it to look like. There may still be some tweaks, who knows  but I'm quite pleased with the result and thought I would share it.   Video     [...]

Rude not to

It would be rude not to share my umbrella in the rain. Do you ever step out the door, it's pouring with rain and think " why didn't I bring my umbrella!" I have those moments often and then realise of course I do, I have a spare one tucked away in the bottom of [...]