The wind in my hair

The wind in my hair isn't quite the vision I have today. The reality is polluted rain drizzling down my face and an umbrella that has decided to collapse on me. The irony of it is I own 7 umbrellas! Yes you read that correctly. Why you may ask? Because I'm always out and caught [...]

The white stuff

Guess what? Apparently we could be getting more snow!!!! So part of me is penguin clapping and the other is thinking, crap more time up I have to make for work if the buses can't run again. So in the spirit of it all... Have you noticed? I'm a lot paler. A R T E [...]

Give it all up

I've woken up today and am feeling like a hormonal moody woman. Not sure why but suffice to say maybe a good cup of tea and a slice of toast is required. Last night was a lot of fun virtually as I helped Maddie Wyatt film her recent video. I seriously could not stop laughing. [...]

They got to come down!!!

So in the last few days after deciding I was going to do a Strawberry Singh challenge I did a google search on myself. Seems I'm on a lot of search pages. Good old google knows the name Isabelle Cheren. Most things I clicked into redirected back to me. However! There was one site that [...]