Dance Sunday

Dance Sunday

Morning world. I have very little to say today because I'm not even sure I'm awake just yet. Here is the latest dance from Move Animations called the Jana casual Vol 3. The video is not safe if you are likely to suffer seizures due to flashing lights. Video:- Dance Credits:- Jana casual Vol [...]

Pretty Lady

OMG just woke up, jumped in shower in a panic thinking I was late for work and then realised it's Sunday!!! Seriously why . The dream I was caught up in gave me delusions for ten minutes. This dance video is full of stuff. Yes stuff! Not just a fabulous dance. (Seriously MOVE are just [...]

Out in the jungle

Today was meant to be little Isabella adventures. But due to a shabby week of sickness and the cats (tell you about that later). I'm popping out one of my other blogs. You can't predict stuff at times and you surely cannot have predicted my night last night. Again tell you about that maybe in [...]

The Snow Queen

I've finally seen a few flakes of the white. Yes I crazily did a live stream in You tube a few minutes. I'm just so pleased that it coincides with my Ice Queen dance video. Enjoy.... Video:- Credits:- Faye lace dress from La Geeny Livis heels by Bijou Judy Hair from D!VA Catya bento [...]