Never Walk Alone

But dancing alone is definitely allowed.  Whilst filming this at Salt Water I could sense onlookers wondering what the heck I was in fact doing. Prancing around like my hippy self swaying to my own music.  I recall at the time of filming there was some chicken kicking track playing on the sim  that certainly [...]

Time out

I decided to write this blog in my work lunch hour. But then never got to post it because the phone rang! So I sat there at my desk with balsamic vinegar drizzled over my crunchy salad, munching away and forgot to turn my office phone on divert. My own fault. So never quite had a lunch [...]

100 blinks

Not really sure about today. The whole getting up thing and eagerly heading for work. I don't feel eager this morning and in fact more a little reluctant than anything. Do you ever have those days when you just want to blink and transport yourself somewhere else, to a different time? I am having that [...]

1 hundred days of spring?

I just finished my sim , well kind of. Then I want more prims! ha ha Seriously are we ever happy with our lot? I know I never am, always wanting to change things and shivv it up a little. The sim is done and I'm not touching another inch of it in fear I [...]

Waiting for sunshine

The wait is over. According to the morning news we will reach the heady heights of around 21 celcius locally today. Serious dressing decisions had to be made on my part for the day ahead. Out comes the linen dress and the pale pink lippy. I'm ready to be Miss Spring. I absolutely love spring. [...]

5 more minutes

Do I really have to get up?  Just 5 more minutes. 10 more minutes? No honestly 30 more minutes then I'll get up. Ok let's start again. I'm going back back to sleep. While I'm gone, check out this outfit!!!! Video :- Credits :- Rancho Mirage outfit from Julz available right now at the Designer Showcase [...]

Love struck

I'm keeping myself busy as waiting for Mason to come out of his  wee surgery. He went in late by a few hours and as yet he is still in the theatre room. So I'm having a moment and me , myself and I decided to blog together. Don't worry it will be clearer in [...]


Oh how I wish it was midnight right now. I've just walked to the bus in the rain and been tidal waved by a truck going past . My coiffured hair is no more. Instead I resemble a wet rag doll right now. So as I sit here on the bus headed to work,  I'm [...]

Read a romance novel and cry

Some days I just wonder if the universe has its head screwed on right. I'm sure it doesn't. It's a difficult thing when you realise that your heart is a lot more fragile than you first thought. On the whole those that do know me, know I avoid SL relationships like the plague. It was [...]

I’m a queen

Well a queen in my curlers.  I've just woken up in the RL and realised it's Saturday!! Now, if I stay in bed longer, can Saturday last longer? Ive waited for this day all week and now it's here I really want it to be ground hog day for a while. RL work is currently [...]