The Desert Track in Sinespace

The Desert Track in Sinespace

I’m a bit of a world jumper.

In case no one had noticed I like to visit a few virtual worlds and games because as the saying goes Variety is the spice of life!!

I’ve been in and out of SineSpace again lately and I’m really noticing how it’s starting to get more visually interesting and interactive.

I’ll show you soon some of the more interactive environments but today this place!!!

Its like being inside a living cartoon. OMG!!!

Honestly you will see what I mean when you watch the video.

Plus, no drain on my computer in any way and shadows!!!

Go watch…..



I am wearing the DAZ avatar as given to me by Sinespace . The hands are large because I’m just weird like that. For my own amusement I decided to make myself more caricature as frankly why not.

I’m also a number if other avatars in SineSpace you will eventually find out.

To join you will find the details here



Snow in sansar

Snow in sansar

Today I am taking you on a whistle stop tour of Icy Canyon Lake in Sansar.

If love the white stuff like me, then you will like the feel of this place.

No animals were harmed during filming….

The icy canyon is a collaboration of Medhue and Bagnaria, Their joint  brand is FullSpectrum.

Penguin model and animations: Medhue
Landscape and swarm code: Bagnaria



Open sweater jacker is free from Cora Store

Soft white leggings from Cora Store

Andrea hair is from Cora store

Alina Avatar from Cora Store

For much of the outfit I am wearing Cora store may be updating so I cannot give the direct links but keep an eye

Monkey no longer in existence. I’m luck I got him a long while back

To download Sansar and create your own avatar click here

To Visit Icy Canyon Lake click here

The Gamer girl

The Gamer girl

Thelma is off to Equal10 again to do a spot of retail therapy. After all what does a working girl like her do with all those earnings?

Video below




Gamer girl outfit from Spoiled at the EQUAL10 event

In the video Andi Bodysuit by Valentina E. at the EQUAL10 event

Soft matte lipstick  from A R T E

Night out eyeshadow from A R T E

Paradox hair from Stealthic

Kimberley bento head from CATWA

Evie shape for the CATWA Kimberley head LizBitz

Lara mesh body Maitreya

Edie  skin  in tone 3  from Amara

Shot on location at EQUAL10 Event and at James pad

Hanako : Honor & Blade

Hanako : Honor & Blade

Ive just got on board with a bunch of people to go into this early access computer game and show you what its about. Dont worry, I haven’t a clue so you wont learn anything from me other than watch me totally  annihilated by the pretend warriors in my training mode. I’m still yet to make out it out onto the battle fields but bed time calls me and so this will be continued.

However I have passed and apparently can be let out on the loose into battle. Be very afraid!



Credits :-

Game on steam here and an early access cost of $5.19