Visiting Table Top Chess in Sansar

Visiting Table Top Chess in Sansar

Todays Coffee with Isa kind of went tits up to be quite blunt about it. I am not one to hold back when things go wrong and they did on a grand scale in the last 24 hours of trying to film.

So as a therapeutic escape I decided to go visit Sansar and explore. I am glad I did.

I found Tabletop Chess  by Aleks just pretty cool. Shame there wasn’t anyone there to test out the chess game but then to be honest, I cant play chess!!! Shhh don’t tell anyone.

Do visit the video below as you can really see how graphically rich I found it.



Sandra curly hair from Cora’s store

Blue eyes from Cora

Peplum pantsuit from Sweet Distractions

You can download Sansar here

To visit Table Top chess you can click here