A moment in Cospe

So I managed to get  myself a space navigator! Amazing but my god will take some practice as Im a jerky cam girl. This video wasn’t shot with it . I did this video for a challenge for this music track and decided to go slo mo. Happy Saturdays…. Video:- Credits:- Frothy Top from Vinyl Hart […]

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Coffee time with Isa and Rosie

I had a friend come over for a coffee with Isa the other day. After talking for an hour and realising I hadn’t pressed the record button, we did it all over again. Luckily this was done  prior to my arm going kaput as frankly I’m not sure how I would have achieved those hair […]

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Moments pass by

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Have you ever had that moment when you would just do anything to be with that one person. The touch of their fingers on your skin, the warmth of their kiss? But then suddenly, you just don’t feel it anymore?     Credits :- “Alini” dance from MOVE! Animations Cologne “Soy. Antique wooden figure”  available […]

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