So it's only Tuesday and I'm already thinking about the weekend. Like the rest of the population out there. Though can I say my title wow has nothing to do with that snippet from my mind. I came home from work yesterday and have been in wow mode. The reason. My son has this week [...]

Smack that

Got to love the name of this lingerie! Did make me chuckle when I first opened it just at the name. I can see santa may appreciate this little number when I sit on his lap and tell him I've been very good and give him my Xmas list. Video   Credits :- Smack [...]

Silver Bells

Well, as my bus just went past a house I did see silver bells. But then I also saw all shades of colour as that house is decorated like a huge Christmas tree. Got to love this time of year. It brings out the most amazing decorations, but then also some that simply blind. However [...]