Snow maybe?

Nipples erect and hair on end. Brrrrrrrrr it's wonderfully cold this morning. All the requirements are sliding into place for maybe snow? Gritters are being sent out and I live in hope I may see a flake. I'm excited like a pig in a muddy trough right now. If I could roll around in the [...]

Winter is coming

Let me tell you if you didn't already know. Winter is coming!! Of course with that comes colds and flu. I'm already in the midst of my first cold and by the rate everyone around me is dropping off, won't be my last. I'm a terrible patient. I feel woeful and sorry for myself and [...]

Weekend time

So finally the weekend! Honestly how I look forward to these two days, every five days!!! Of course Saturdays are regular babysitting days and there is no late sleep in or being lazy. When a two year old comes by, it’s all chaos and action stations. Today he appears to be attached to a torn [...]

On the beach

On the beach

On the beach is where I want to be right now. It's 8 degrees so my weather app tells me, will rise to 17 later. Maybe! Actually it's a gorgeous morning here in sunny south east UK and I do love it when it's cool and crisp. However, I still crave the beach and lazing [...]

Rosie takes me back home to Sydney

Rosie takes me back home to Sydney

As part of her travel series Rosie Helendale interview/chatted to me about my experiences in Sydney and Bondi  and how the SL sim is so pretty cool in its replication of the real life place. Rosie's video below at our early morning exercise on the beach while we chatted. Video:- Credits:- Both myself and Rosie are [...]

Day at the beach

Day at the beach

The way I see it, people come in all shapes and sizes, all colours all religions and all class levels. Never miss what is under your nose just staring at you. Love can be found in the unlikeliest of places. In saying that, Tinder French men are awaiting me. Two days to go!!!! Video:- [...]

Crying over you?

I'm not really crying but sharing some tears and a sunshine dress. Go figure on the polar opposites of those two items. But one can cry in anything. Saturday afternoon and where is she going? I have left myself logged into SL most of the day as its now a bad habit of mine to [...]

Going on a holiday?

  A few friends have already told me they have booked their summer holidays and started planning their outfits in RL for them. I haven't even got over winter yet and I'm wondering should I be doing this too? I haven't even thought of where I would wish to be. Question is though, wherever that [...]

End of the relaxation

Well I'm just about to head to bed in RL. I have had 4 days of complete chilling and now back to the grind that is normality again tomorrow morning. But before I do,  would be totally remiss not to declare Spring is coming and this shorts outfit is aptly named Spring. The sandals go [...]