Save me

Save me

When I heard the words of this song I thought how beautiful. Perfect to go with this dress.

The video is myself and I. Because frankly it’s far easier and simpler to rely on myself to be the man than wait around for a hunky dude to do the honours.

Only one slight problem, being able to adjust poses.

Earlier I was at the Mad Pea Food fair and my friend Foxy asked me about the video I made For you I could and who the guys were in it.

Well quite simply, me, myself , I and I.

My Linden Lab approved scripted bot boys. I do think I need to change their clothes soon!!!
Goodnight everyone .
Video :-

Credits :-

Adele dress in white from Shoenique Designs available right now at the Designer Showcase

Beauty and the Beast pose from BAXE available right now at the Designer Showcase

Kimberley necklace from Moondance Boutique right now at the Designer Showcase

Izumi hair from Argrace

Catya  bento head from CATWA

Angel shape for the Catya bento head LizBitz

Lara mesh body from Maitreya

Christy dark skin from Lara Hurley

Shot on location in my garden….


Him shhhh not telling


Whaaaat it’s finished???

Whaaaat it’s finished???

Thank goodness. Seriously if I eat another chocolate or another plate of food I’ll combustulate.

I’ve had enough of that food malarkey and now seriously need to live on rabbit food for a while.

Oh, hang on, there’s still New Years meals. 

Throwing my covers back over my head and going back to sleep and wake up after New Years.


Credits :-

Joana blouse  sweater by [WellMade]  available right now at the Designer Showcase

Azken Heels by [Loovus]   at the Designer Showcase

Melanie Jeans from Blueberry

Deja hair from Truth VIP group

Catya bento mesh head and Animated eyes from CATWA

IsaB face and body shape for the Catya Bento mesh head from LizBitz

Christy dark skin from Lara Hurley

Lara mesh body from Maitreya

Christmas Spirit poses from BAXE available at the moment from at Designer Showcase

My garden of Eden

My garden of Eden

Ok so the scene is wrong. Sunglasses and short skirts in the snow.

Well you know what, in a virtual world you can experience most things you wouldn’t dream of doing in the real world. So let me enjoy my 10 minutes of sunshine in the snow.

Actually as said previously, I cant wait for it to snow and in that vein I have been visiting all the snow sims lately with my build up of excitement to pleading with mother nature to send some to the South East of England.

These photos are actually taken in my back garden  because I decided yesterday to whip out my inventory and get ready for a few months of winter. I haven’t finished yet by any means because frankly it looks like a kid had taken a crayon to the backyard. But once its done I will of course share that with you. For now I’m going to pretend that rolling in that white stuff isn’t cold and that dreams come true.



Credits :-

“Eden” outfit exclusively available at the Designer Showcase by {Pretty Things}

“Hippie” female poses from BAXE available at the Designer Showcase

“Glossy” lips from Rudecats and available at the Black Friday event The event starts 20th November  and closes 25th Nov ember , from 20th there will be discounts of 30% but on the 25th 50%.

“Yuliya” blonde hair is from Mina

“Top Gun Oddity” sunglasses were a free gift from A&D

“Simone” bow collar  and “Ice Queen rings” from .: RealEvil Industries :.

“Destiny” mesh head from CATWA

“Lara” mesh body from Maitreya

“Christy” dark skin from Larah Hurley

Designer Showcase time

Designer Showcase time

It’s about 1am UK time and I’m still awake. I’m actually in bed writing this on my iphone. 

Who would have thought 20 years ago you could do such a thing? I mean really, write a blog on your phone?

Every day we tend to take so much more for granted because we are so used to the technology that continues to keep growing.

Although I have to admit I’m a little worried that all of this technology we are relying on more and more in fact suddenly stops. What would we do then?

Personally I would shop!!!!

Of course now is a perfect time as the next round of Designer Showcase starts.

Credits :-

“Madi” dress available exclusively from Zanze at Designer Showcase

“Hippie” female poses are  available exclusively from Baxe at the Designer Showcase

“Mena” light blonde hair from MINA

“Destiny” head from CATWA

“Lara” mesh body from Maitreya

“Christy” dark skin from Lara Hurley