Something different for me

Well, I was asked if I would be interested in doing something a little different. You know me, why not and especially where I can talk the hind leg off someone. So, I have teamed up with Wagner James Au aka New World Notes to do a podcast type thing if you will.

We don’t just discuss Second Life, which frankly I’m all up for. Let’s just bring some conversation to the table and I may even learn something along the way.

Below are our first two episodes. You know me I do love to talk so it made sense. I’m however trying to get used to filming without being so anal about details. One of my OCD things to be honest.

I mean Friday I filmed a dance video and usually I’d go in and redo the whole thing when I notice a mistake. BUT I realised that often does it really matter? After all this is not my bread and butter living and it’s my hobby and passion. So cutting myself slack and appreciating the mixing up of it all. Going with the passion!

There are sound issues and glitches with lag, but what the hell.

Episode 1

Episode 2

6 thoughts on “Something different for me

    1. Thank you for sharing. We are trying it out to see if we will do it regularly. Just fortnightly and discuss various topics. 😊
      It was hilarious the train one as we redid twice as the first take my obs was stuck and recorded not one moment 😂


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