Is that a Torley Linden

I do believe it was a Torley dancing wildly on the dance floor.

I promised myself I would go to this event in Sansar even though I had tweeted them I was unsure if I’d be awake.

I was and loved the music. Then I woke up!!

Yes ladies and gents first time in history I’ve ever nodded off at the pc. It wasn’t the company and it wasn’t the music I assure you. I was simply knackered.

But even so I was there in mind for part of it. I did make a video and you will see Sansar avatars are improving and getting more animated. Those on VR headsets. Now ummm imagine they’re dancing in their living rooms!



Bubblegum party dress from Rasputin1963

Eden ballerina slippers from Kokoia

Flower Gem necklace from Cora Store

Alina Avatar from Cora Store

I am wearing Kira Hair – Braided pigtails which was from Cora Store but is no longer listed.

Shot on location at the Gala De La Lune event in Sansar on Friday night for me.

To download Sansar and create your own avatar click here

2 thoughts on “Is that a Torley Linden

  1. I enjoyed that Isa… and I must say, it’s a lot like SL used to be when we first started off years back and folks were willing to be friendly and join in. Like I said to you before, though, we could really do with some helpful vids for complete noobs as the learning curve (especially if you’re not on Oculus Rift) is almost as complicated as SL is nowadays. Making stuff for Sansar looks interesting, too, but again we needa the help!

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