Visiting Candydale in Sansar

Another trip to a Sansar experience. Candydale by Luise.

This reminds me a little of Willy Wonka without the scary Johnny Depp.

What a lovely experience. Colourful and reminds me of when I was younger how much I wanted to live in a land full of sweets.

Shhh don’t tell anyone that.

These days you have to think of a land full of bean sprouts and organic vegetables.

I still dream of the vat of caramel and chocolate.



My little top (which is free) from Cheryl McGowan

Bleach was denim skirt from Solas

San star sneakers which are free from sean taurog

Sandra long curly hair from Cora Store

Blue eyes from Cora Store

Monkey for female from Somewhere on the Sansar MP. However I cant find the link because I got this a year ago. Happy seeking.

To visit Candydale just click here

To download Sansar client click here

To add me in Sansar and say hi sometime click here

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