On the rocks

I just had to prop myself with a glass of something. It's really cranberry juice in a wine glass. Sadly alcohol and I are not great together. One glass and I'm lost completely. However this pose says to me I'm drinking cranberry juice in a pretty glass. Today is Harriet Parker day but she isn't [...]

Time Flies

Can you believe it that it's nearly the end of the month? Seriously February came and I haven't even had a chance to experience it just yet. I had great plans for 2018 and already nearly 2 months have slid past me and I hadn't even noticed. Tomorrow I'll get to it. This leads me [...]

Protest – Boo to YOU TUBE

Today good old You Tube takes away the Partner programme for many of the little channels. Myself being one of them. In many ways this has been an interesting 4 weeks since the announcement and made me look at other channels and my own as to quality etc. Look at some of the ridiculous behaviours [...]

Bore you to sleep ASMR apparently. Nah it’s just coffee

I have a day off today. It's damn well raining! Anyhow Coffee with Isa on the cards as always. Though depending on You Tubes changes. I'm not sure precisely what I will and will not still have after tomorrow they may in future be limited in length. Thank Christ I hear many of you say. [...]

When you can’t sleep

I can't sleep so what the heck I'll send out tomorrow's video now. I love a good dance. Video:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KMSYkdRF36E Credits:- Chantal bodysuit with suspenders from Ghostyss at the Hash In love event Misty Hair from Analog Dog Tropical eyeshadow and Sweet gloss from A R T E Catya bento head from CATWA Angel shape for the Catya head [...]

Good vibes

So the little guy is over today and I had it planned to do a few things. He went down for a nap which must have lasted ten seconds and now moody as anything. Alas the only thing that brings a smile to his face is a program called Andy's Dinosaur Adventures. So that it [...]

Biker chick instead

Good morning and welcome to another day. I had planned to film little Isabellah adventures but decided I seriously couldn't last night. The reason being is that I have decided she really needs to be on another You Tube channel and blog. The reason why? Quite simply because the Adventures of Isabella is aimed at [...]

Fight club – Showdown

Suzie Anderton and Isabelle Cheren go head to head in the ring to thrash it out. They are vying for the prize of machinima artist for the UWA machinima awards. Who will win? Watch the video and find out! Video:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7BVV_SVjoT8 Credits:- Harriet Sweet dreams dress from Entice at the Guest List Darkness Falls hair from Magika [...]

A little decor

Yeah I know right! Decor and me! I'm still not quite master of a beautiful scene because I'm so not a throw out the Knick back person I think there are some folk born to blog decor and then there is me. I'm best lounging over said items posing but I decided this picture could [...]

News at TEN with Harriet Parker

There is indeed some news to be had as the excitement starts to rumble on the Second Life grid. Suzie Anderton and Isabelle Cheren no less. Watch and find out .. Video:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4f3rKYDLUaA Credits:- Harriet Carly dress from D.E. Boutique at the Designer Showcase (it has a hud!!) Darkness Falls hair from Magika Kimberley bento head [...]