The Sun goes down

I am back to a Saturday night dance video.  Got to love a good outfit and a good dance. When combined, then bring in the horse and you have the sun goes down. Enjoy..... Video:- Credits :- Hailey outfit from La Geeny now at the Hashtag Event What I hide pose from Luanes World [...]

Latin dreams

So finally it’s Saturday and chill time. Well after the little one had run me ragged. I’m on babysitting duty and this kiddo is on super speed mode! So far we have erected a train system and then he was over all of that and pulled it apart. Currently I’m having to wind up Bob [...]

Smell those roses

Sometimes you have to sit back and smell the roses. Well today it is so not smelling of roses. We have had some stink emitting from the work fridge and despite everyone moaning about it no one has bothered to look what it could be. So me being me, I just cant help myself. I [...]

#SecondLifeChallenge – My Zodiac Sign

So I decided to participate in Strawberry Singh's latest challenge. Zodiac!! I couldn't access my star sign on the same site so found some others and these facts. But you can find all that I talk about here 21 facts about the Aquarian Now the video....... Video:- Credits :- Milly hair from enVOGUE Passion [...]

Be your wench?

Not much to be said today as I’m mostly exhausted and desperate to get off this bus and climb back into my bed. Instead I’ll be sat at my desk wishing the day away to get back home again. Am I a wench? Well I actually checked out the word on good old google. ( [...]

Come here little one

Oh how dark is it outside this morning. I’ve had to double check my watch a few times to make sure I haven’t walked out my front door too early! Wishful thinking that I could possibly crawl back home and into bed. Last night after having filmed this blog I took some time to go [...]

Trick or Treat

I’ve noticed all the shops are getting their displays up for the trick or treat few days coming up. Sweets galore!! I guess for me that is in fact the only part of Halloween I like, the sweets. Despite me enjoying it in a virtual world, I’m actually not a great fan of being scared [...]

Coffee and the last mention of the twit on You Tube

So I don’t need to write , it’s Coffee with Isa. Last mention of the proverbial nonsense then I shall get on with it, Video:- Credits :- Bellisima cashmere sweater from Prism Designs now at the Designer Showcase Bellisima tweed shorts from Prism Design at the Designer Showcase Bellisima suede boots from Prism Designs at the Designer [...]

The everlasting

Sleep has not quite been my friend so I may as well just write my blog in the hope that eventually I may bore myself back into la la land. It’s the weekend and I’m not sure I’ve seen it quite yet as been so busy. My Saturdays are babysitting duties for most of the [...]

Cyber bullying and my You Tube account

So by now many will know of the repeated attacks on my You Tube channel I have had. The ultimate gain they are looking for , as like all trolls, is my falling into a ball and just breaking down and walking away. Well that is not who I am!! Ive said it before, bullies [...]