Coffee with Isa -All sorts

It's that time again where we sit, have some coffee and you listen (or not listen) to my ramblings.Today more on dodgy scammers, Sansar, new friends and kids and their thoughts on parents and social media. i.e. Second-life vlogging and blogging.Video:- trimmed playsuit from *COCO*  at FaMESHedHalo hair from Analog DogLiquid eyeliner from  A R [...]

Who is Angie?

I have not a clue! But I do know today is Sunday and I'm having a really lazy lazy day.  So lazy, I had a shower and put pj's back on! Now if people turn up at least I smell nice, even though I look like something just crawled out of bed.  Unlike my avatar [...]


I've learnt that nothing is indestructible, not even my computer. Alas it is driving me crazy so I'm thinking this weekend I will have to take the bull by the horns and do things. Now I have a SSD drive and at the moment it's at 119G and full capacity. I've deleted every app known [...]


Everyone has a love story. Be they sweet and innocent or wild and unforgettable. We all have one somewhere. Mine? I have a few and will I share them with you ?  Maybe one day. But today I'm sharing the "idyllic" version of the love story, the one we imagine or rather I imagine. The [...]


Let me tell you there is nothing seductive about a hot night in this apartment wishing that the roof would fly off so I can have some relief. Honestly a few warm days and this place turns right back into an oven again. Come outside and it's cooler, go figure. It's true, British homes are [...]

Coffee – Boobs, shoulders and that ASMR one

It's that time again, no need for me to tap on my keypad today as it's coffee yakking day..... Video:-  Credits:- Savanah outfit (top, shorts and sandals) from La Geeny Beautiful dreamer pose from Luanes World Catya bento head from CATWA Angel shape for the Catya head LizBitz Lara mesh body Maitreya Christy dark [...]

A summer evening

Well actually it should read a summers morning. I'm awake but lazing in my bed contemplating the fact that really I should get up . Fact is no sleep last night. Bondi , yes the cat, was flying  through the air all night long like he was on some super high. Every 5 minutes I [...]