I just can

So I am actually dancing right this minute at a club,. But amazingly I was at the beach earlier doing this photo. Just like a real life summers day, straight from the sun to the clubs. Oh I wish!! Reality has it there is no real sunshine for me to get excited over this weekend [...]

Time to relax and feed the squirrels

Seriously this has been the longest week on the planet. Each day I have walked into work half asleep yet having had a full nights sleep. Go figure. Today, Friday, well I literally skipped!! I know, I know, the sight! Anyhow its Friday night and I am finally home. Two more days of work on [...]

When you cant hang with the real thing, get a flat pack!

So, The Vlogger and Blogger network has a competition on to take Flat Kess, Trouble and Del on an adventure and take photos. This actually isn't my entry but I couldn't help but add Draxtor, Ebbe and Rodvik and make them all hang out with me at Namaste Beach. These are my flat pack mates. [...]

The Chameleon

A person who changes their opinions or behaviour according to the situation. I've known a few people who fit this title. Is it a positive or a negative? Well if you take away the negative, the ability to adapt to any situation is truly a positive especially when we are meaning in RL terms. Most [...]

The greenhouse

Terrible I know but I can't remember the sim I took this photo at and wish I did! I took this a few nights ago and remember thinking I MUST save the landmark. Did I by heck? No. I was called to another sim then like another 3 more and well, lost the plot. So [...]


Ok so I haven't actually arisen from my bed yet as I write this. I did briefly and looked out the window and thought nahhh and jumped back in. It's Saturday people and those of us not at work today have two choices. Get up or stay down! I've opted for the latter until such [...]