Beauty in the eye

I had this conversation with my daughter some  years ago as she was growing up.

As a teenager she was like the rest of the young girls  questioning the changes in her body and seeing something different than what stood in the mirror before her. We have all done that.

I remember saying to my daughter. Beauty resides  in layers and you can only appreciate it’s true form till you peel away the layers. It grows from within.

What you see on the outside is just one layer of a person and to each person the visual layer is received differently. One persons toast is another’s cake and look deeper.

She has grown into a strong confident woman and very at ease in her own skin. 

My daughter is a beautiful person. Not because she is aesthetically attractive but because her heart sits and beats loudly in the compassion she shows others and the love she gives her son. I am ultimately proud of her. But then I am biased, she is my daughter.



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