Raindale Willowbloom

Raindale Willowbloom

I am I know a nightmare!! Nightmare with Decor as Im just not a great decorator. But I can film a thing or two.

So I have filmed the Willow Bloom set from Raindale as below. Its not a Spielberg moment but at east it makes up for my shoddier photo skills when trying to show something so lovely.

It is available till April 3rd so knock yourselves out and check it out.


Willow Blolom By Raindale PRESS PLAY | Available at Cosmopol… | Flickr


Willowbloom set from Raindale at the Cosmopolitan Event till April 3

You can get the full set or individual pieces.

Texture change menu for bench, chair and table: 3 colours for wood, 3 colours for metal (touch menu for table, sit&click menu for chair and bench)

Willowbloom set includes arbour (3 colours, 8 Li in default size), bench (PG and adult, 3Li), chair (2Li), table (2Li) and assorted decor (vase, cup, stacked cups, roll cake, piece of roll cake – 1Li each)

Sajura and Elegant trees from Hayabusa