Who is this?

Who is this?

I have been in my own zone this weekend. Relaxing from the virtual world and just doing me.

Today I’m introducing reality me to the throw but with a twist.

I’m doing a social experiment in real life and I wanted to tell you all about it.

Yes you will have to watch the video, as that is the whole point. You have to see the visual behind this experiment to understand the actual experiment.

Let me know your thoughts after because I sure have many myself.



I credit my mum  for the cheekbones as  its a family trait.

I also credit my mum for my amazing hair  and chirpy disposition despite all things that are in the world to bring us down.

My youthful skin is courtesy of regular use of Oil of Olay and using baby bum wipes to wipe makeup off.

My eyes are a result of eating all the carrots I was told to when I was younger under the belief I would go blind if I didn’t.  Fact though, I’m still as blind as a bat!

Essentially I credit myself for just looking amazing on an app. After all I had to push the buttons!!!!

Mostly I credit the company who came up with the FACE APPwho have now confused me and made me think about this social experiment just to see how far it will go.

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How to edit and update Sansar Profile

How to edit and update Sansar Profile

Just a quick overview video of Sansar as now you have profiles and can update them!

Every week something new is being introduced to Sansar and every week I’m pleased as punch I joined and get to see it.

Again it’s not Second Life. It wasn’t designed to be Second Life.

I do believe if you log in with that mindset (it’s not Second Life) that you can truly appreciate its newness and evolving development.

I usually visit twice a week (because I blog regularly for Second Life and also I have to make time for real life).

I have two experiences that are open to public. Both getting little bits added each time I log.

The beauty about doing experiences is that anyone that visits them will see the tidy look. Meanwhile in the background as experience owners there is chaos as things are being thrown around, trees uprooted and deciding where bits go. This stays as like a mirror in the background till it’s ready to publish.

Mine in essence looks like a trash heap in my editing but when you visit you won’t see that.

Some time soon the updated experience will publish. When I get it right.

Meanwhile you can now make profiles. Why don’t you go claim yours.

Video :-



How to – Smooth Cam in Firestorm the easy way

How to – Smooth Cam in Firestorm the easy way

I have been asked by a number of people how I make my videos smooth when moving around. I am certainly no expert and still have a lot to learn.

So therefore  I am simply sharing how I personally do it and what works for me when I am filming.

I tend to use the camera button so this is not the keyboard shortcut method but the manual method which is my personal preference.



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Shot on location in my back garden