I just want to dance

One of the main past times for me in SL has always been dancing. Seriously who doesn't love watching their pixel person bust a move? However these days I dance alone because I'm always on the move and I'm one of those people who makes decisions as quick as it takes to press enter on [...]

I could for you

Sunday morning and I have been woken by flying rag dolls across my bed. No not the toy kind, the feline kind. They don't like me sleeping in ever. Some days I think they have the 666 marked upon their heads. So this outfit today is not having just a photo moment but is starring [...]

What’s that teacher?

I couldnt wait till later to do this blog as it connects to my previous blog today and so what the hell. Yessss I know, I'm supposed to be resting my arm. But frankly I cant right now as I'm a restless soul at the best of times. And for some RL and SL  reasons [...]

In your arms 

When darkness falls and we're apart Can love heal this lonely heart I love you dearly that I do Sleep is good when dreaming of you With all my love I give to you You are so sweet I know not how I'm with you! More photos:- Credits :- Her Elegant in Love dress from [...]