Thelma suggests fashion

Thelma is vlogging in the snow. There's an outfit and a tent. Will she freeze out there? Video:- Credits:- Agnes sweater from [Rouly] at the Equal10 Event Kayce track pants from Frais at the Equal10 Event Regan sneakers from EQUAL at the Equal10 Event Canopy tent a 2018 holiday gift edition  from Raindale Sira [...]

Vlogmas day 3

It's a vlog so I don't need to write. Just watch the video! Video:- Credits:- Isabelle Mood jacket with top from EVIE at the .equal10 event Kayce tracksuit pants from Frais at the .equal10 event Deer christmas headband from SEmotion at the .equal10 event Gem eyes  from Amara Beauty Vision eyeshadow from The Face at  [...]