Halloween, I’m over it .

Ok so I'm over it already. I  spent £3 on cakes that usually cost no more than £1.80. Seriously what the devils! I thought I'd buy Halloween cakes for the little dude when he knocks and the box was all impressive Halloween style. I open it up and there is nothing halloween about those cakes [...]

TMI TAG challenge

I watched one of these earlier on You Tube and I thought, how much fun is that! So decided I would take the plunge and do one. I could have gone nuts with the questions as seriously there were more than what I have done. Frankly that would be like a full length film and [...]

Running from the sun into Second Life

I'm a bit like this title at the moment.Week off work and where has the sun gone? I went for a walk around the lake earlier today, no  sun. So anyhow I have driven myself nuts working on my little sim and I must have changed the wind light like 100 times because I just [...]

The mystique?

I've just woken up and frankly I do not wish to move. Have the beginnings of a cold and that feeling of aching and the nose wanting to detach itself from the rest of me. I could ring in sick but as most of my team are either off sick or on leave that would [...]